2019.09.12 11:49Nation



2019.09.12 11:49Nation

Japan Producer Prices Down 0.9 Pct in Aug.

Japan's producer prices in August dropped 0.9 pct from a year before, the fastest fall since a 1.2 pct decline in December 2016, the Bank of Japan said Thursday.
   The producer price index stood at 100.9 against the 2015 average of 100, down for the third straight month, the central bank said in a preliminary report.
   The decline reflected waning construction demand in Japan, as well as falling prices of oil and other commodities against the backdrop of the U.S.-China trade war.
   Prices for oil and coal dropped 9.9 pct and those for chemical products, such as ethylene, fell 4.7 pct.
   Scrap and waste prices plunged 21.7 pct.