2021.09.26 00:23Nation

宣言解除へ「状況好転」 新政権、入閣要請あっても固辞―菅首相


2021.09.26 00:23Nation

Japan's Coronavirus Situation Getting Better: Suga

The novel coronavirus situation in Japan is getting better, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said Saturday before his government decides soon whether to lift the ongoing state of emergency.
   "The situation has certainly been turning for the better. We will carry out an analysis again early next week and make a judgment by listening to experts' opinions," Suga told reporters accompanying him on a visit to Washington.
   The state of emergency, in place in Tokyo and 18 prefectures, is scheduled to end at the end of the month. The government is discussing the advisability of fully removing the emergency and plans to draw a conclusion on Tuesday after examining the degree of strains on medical systems among other factors.
   On the leadership election of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to be held on Wednesday, Suga said it is desirable for candidates to put forward policies and engage in debates.
   He was responding to a question about a proposal by regulatory reform minister Taro Kono, one of the four contenders in the election, to create a minimum guaranteed pension financed entirely by tax revenue. Suga, who will step down without seeking re-election as LDP president, has clarified his support for Kono in the election.