2021.08.04 23:21Nation

高2刺殺、容疑で元少年逮捕 10年に神戸市で発生―兵庫県警


2021.08.04 23:21Nation

Then 17-Year-Old Arrested in 2010 Western Japan Murder Case

Police arrested a part-time employee, 28, who lives in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, on Wednesday on murder charges for the killing of a high school student in the western city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, in 2010.
   The man, who was 17 years old at the time, is suspected of killing the victim, Shota Tsutsumi, then 16, with a knife on a sidewalk at night on Oct. 4, 2010.
   Tsutsumi was stabbed in the head, neck and elsewhere as he was talking with his girlfriend, who fled the scene and was unharmed.
   A knife believed to have been used by the attacker was discovered in a ditch near the scene. The knife was found to have been sold at a nearby supermarket.
   The Hyogo prefectural police department has been searching for the attacker, including by releasing a face sketch.