2021.06.14 10:29Nation

国内感染、77万5935人 増加幅、4週連続低下―新型コロナ


2021.06.14 10:29Nation

Japan Confirms 12,712 New Coronavirus Cases in Past Week

The cumulative number of novel coronavirus infection cases confirmed in Japan, including among cruise ship passengers and crew members, reached 775,935 as of 10 a.m. Monday (1 a.m. GMT), up by 12,712 from a week before.
   The pace of growth decreased by about 4,800 from the preceding week, marking a decline for four weeks in a row.
   Japan's death toll from the virus rose by 492 to 14,090.
   By prefecture, Tokyo had the largest cumulative total of infection cases, at 166,369, followed by Osaka, at 101,774, Kanagawa, at 64,195, Aichi, at 49,881, and Saitama at 45,040.