2021.05.05 20:14Nation

コロナ重症者、最多1114人 大阪668人、東京621人感染


2021.05.05 20:14Nation

668 People Newly Found with Coronavirus in Osaka

Osaka Prefecture confirmed 668 new cases of novel coronavirus infection on Wednesday.
   The daily count in the western Japan prefecture stood below 1,000 for the third straight day.
   In Tokyo, 621 people were newly confirmed positive for the virus on the day. The Japanese capital posted a figure below 700 for two days in a row.
   Of Wednesday's total in Tokyo, people aged 65 or over, who are at high risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, accounted for 61.
   The number of coronavirus patients in serious condition under the Tokyo metropolitan government's criteria came to 69, up by four from Tuesday. The daily number of new infection cases in Tokyo in the week to Wednesday averaged 798.9, up 5.3 pct from a week ago.