2021.04.21 20:11Nation

国内感染5000人超 3カ月ぶり、大阪など最多―新型コロナ


2021.04.21 20:11Nation

Tokyo Reports 843 New Coronavirus Cases

Tokyo confirmed 843 new cases of novel coronavirus infection on Wednesday, the first daily figure above 800 in the Japanese capital since Jan. 29.
   Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, reported a record 563 new infection cases.
   New COVID-19 cases also hit a record high in Niigata Prefecture, at 48, and Fukui Prefecture, at 26, both in central Japan.
   Tokyo saw its seven-day average of new cases rise 33.8 pct from a week before to 665.3.
   People aged 65 or over, who are at high risk of developing severe symptoms, accounted for 84 of the new cases in Tokyo. The number of severely ill COVID-19 patients fell by two from Tuesday to 48.