2021.04.21 18:40Nation

菅首相、インド・フィリピン訪問中止 連休中、コロナ対策を優先


2021.04.21 18:40Nation

Suga to Cancel Visit to India, Philippines

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga plans to cancel his trip to India and the Philippines out of novel coronavirus concerns, Japanese government sources said on Wednesday.
   Suga was slated to visit the two countries during Japan's Golden Week holiday period from late April to early May to have talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in respective countries, partly to confirm cooperation on the free and open Indo-Pacific initiative.
   But surging coronavirus infection numbers in India and the pressing need for Suga to respond to the epidemic in Japan made it difficult for him to execute the trip plan, according to the sources.
   The Japanese government is expected to declare shortly a fresh state of emergency for Tokyo and other prefectures to fight the epidemic. Suga thus plans to stay in Japan during the holiday period and make all-out efforts to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.