2021.04.20 23:56Nation

東京、大阪、兵庫に緊急事態 3度目発令へ、22日にも決定―政府


2021.04.20 23:56Nation

Japan Govt May Decide Virus Emergency for Osaka on Thurs.

The Japanese government is expected to decide on Thursday at the earliest whether to declare a fresh state of emergency over the new coronavirus for Osaka Prefecture, based on a request made by the government of the western Japan prefectural on Tuesday, informed sources said.
   "We will make a decision promptly while examining the infection situation and considering countermeasures," Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters Tuesday night, referring to the possibility of declaring an emergency for Osaka.
   The Tokyo metropolitan government is expected to ask the central government as early as Thursday to issue a state of emergency for the Japanese capital. The western prefecture of Hyogo, which borders Osaka, is also considering seeking an emergency designation.
   Based on the opinions of the governors of the three prefectures, the central government plans to make preparations for issuing a state of emergency. On Tokyo and Hyogo, Suga said, "We will make a decision in view of the local situations."
   Even if yet another state of emergency is declared, it would not affect the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Suga said. "The government will make its utmost efforts to hold the Tokyo Games safely and securely," he added.