2021.04.20 23:33Nation

大阪、大規模施設の休業調整 飲食店は「酒なし営業」案―緊急事態宣言要請


2021.04.20 23:33Nation

Osaka Decides to Seek Coronavirus State of Emergency

The Osaka prefectural government decided Tuesday to ask the Japanese government to declare a fresh state of emergency over the novel coronavirus for the western prefecture, where new infection cases are surging.
   The decision was made at a meeting of the prefecture's novel coronavirus response headquarters.
   In talks with reporters earlier in the day, Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura suggested that the emergency should run for over two weeks, saying, "It will be difficult to assess the effects of the state of emergency in two weeks."
   He also said that the prefecture is talking with the central government on requesting a wide range of local businesses, including commercial facilities such as department stores and shopping malls, as well as entertainment facilities, to temporarily shut if the state of emergency is declared.
   The prefectural government is considering multiple options as to requests to eating and drinking establishments, including temporary closures and shorter operating hours.