2021.01.22 21:35Nation

雇用調整助成金、特例措置を延長 緊急宣言解除の翌月末まで―政府


2021.01.22 21:35Nation

Japan Govt to Pay Special Job Subsidies for 1 More Month

The Japanese government said Friday that a special measure for its employment adjustment subsidies will be extended by at least one month until the end of March.
   The special measure has so far been extended three times.
   The government said that from now on the measure will automatically remain in place until the following month's end after a coronavirus emergency is lifted. The current emergency period is scheduled to end on Feb. 7, but it may be extended.
   "We will utilize existing relief measures to support businesses and employment," Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said at a meeting of the coronavirus task force, which he heads.
   Under the subsidy program, the government covers part of allowances companies pay to workers put on temporary leave.