2021.01.22 16:35Nation

外国人受け入れ、現状では困難 東京五輪、「医療崩壊が頻発」―日医会長

 また、年末年始以降の感染者数の急増にも言及。政府の「Go To キャンペーン」などを念頭に「いろいろな緩みをつくる政策があったかもしれない」とした上で、「現状のまま感染者が増え続けると、助かる命に優先順位を付けなければならない状態になる」と警鐘を鳴らした。(2021/01/22-16:35)

2021.01.22 16:35Nation

Japan Cannot Accept Foreigners under Current Epidemic: Doctor

It is difficult for Japan to accept foreigners for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in view of the current level of novel coronavirus infections, Toshio Nakagawa, president of the Japan Medical Association, said Friday.
   Delivering a speech at a gathering organized by the Research Institute of Japan, a Jiji Press affiliate, Nakagawa said that "it is not possible to accept (foreigners)," considering the current state of the epidemic.
   Nakagawa warned that medical systems are collapsing in many parts of Japan due to the resurgence of coronavirus cases.
   He expressed concern that the number of patients will rise further if the Tokyo Games are held as planned, saying, "Many people will come from foreign countries, and even just the athletes will be a great number."
   Nakagawa avoided commenting on whether or not he believes that the Tokyo Games should go ahead.