2021.01.22 20:33Nation

国内死者、最多108人 東京感染2週前から半減―新型コロナ


2021.01.22 20:33Nation

Tokyo's New Coronavirus Cases Halve in 2 Weeks

Tokyo reported 1,175 new coronavirus cases on Friday, with the daily count down by half from the first day of the Japanese government's fresh state of emergency over the epidemic two weeks ago.
   The figure topped 1,000 for the 10th straight day but had halved from the 2,392 marked on Jan. 8, when the state of emergency went into effect for the Tokyo metropolitan area. The number was also substantially down from 2,001 a week ago.
   People in their 20s made up the largest group of Friday's new cases by age, at 223, followed by 173 in their 40s and 172 in their 30s. People aged 65 or older came to 297. The number of severely ill patients fell by one from Thursday to 158.