2020.10.01 19:53Nation

菅首相初外遊、所信表明に先行 国会26日召集で調整、野党反発


2020.10.01 19:53Nation

Suga's Trip Abroad to Precede 1st Policy Speech at Diet

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who took office last month, is likely to give his first policy speech before parliament after an overseas trip in mid-October.
   On Thursday, the government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party started arrangements to convene an extraordinary session of the Diet, the country's parliament, on Oct. 26.
   Suga is expected to deliver the speech that day, 40 days after he assumed the top government post. It is unusual for a prime minister to take a such long time to give the first policy speech.
   The decision to prioritize Suga's first overseas trip as prime minister over the Diet session triggered a backlash from opposition parties, which said he is belittling the Diet.
   On Wednesday, LDP Diet affairs head Hiroshi Moriyama told Jun Azumi, his counterpart in the biggest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, that the government and the ruling bloc plan to convene the Diet session Oct. 23.