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2019.09.30 19:18Nation

Households in Japan Emit 5 Pct Less CO2 in FY 2018

Households in Japan emitted 3.04 tons of carbon dioxide on average in fiscal 2018, achieving a 5 pct year-on-year reduction in the emission of the heat-trapping gas, a preliminary report by the Environment Ministry showed Monday.
   The drop reflected low use of heating appliances last winter with relatively high temperatures, as well as the proliferation of energy-saving home appliances in the country, pundits said.
   Specifically, the annual survey, the second after the one for the year through March 2018, found that the proportion of households using eco-friendly refrigerators made in and after 2016 rose from 7.5 pct in the previous survey to 12.5 pct. The share of households adopting light-emitting diode lamps for living rooms also increased substantially, from 45.9 pct to 51.3 pct.
   The survey was conducted from April 2018 to March 2019, collecting data such as energy usage, family structure, and ways of using home electronics from 9,996 households across the country.
   It also showed that households conserving energy by shutting off the main power of a television set when not in use and setting a refrigerator's temperature at medium in summer and weak in other seasons discharged 9 pct less CO2 than those making no such efforts.