2019.09.30 19:04Nation



2019.09.30 19:04Nation

Controversial Aichi Comfort Women Statue Exhibit to Reopen

The Aichi prefectural government plans to reopen a canceled exhibition featuring a statue of a girl symbolizing so-called comfort women, as early as Sunday, officials said Monday.
   The "After 'Freedom of Expression?'" exhibit, part of the ongoing Aichi Triennale 2019 art festival, started on Aug. 1 but was suspended two days later due to safety concerns after it drew a storm of protest.
   A prebooking system, numbered tickets and other measures will be introduced for the reopening, the officials said.
   "With only two weeks to go until the end of the festival, I'll go ahead with talks in good faith with concerned people," Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura told reporters.
   In order to smooth the way for the reopening, "we'll explain the ideas of the art works and create ways to showcase them," said Omura, who heads the executive committee of the festival.