2020.03.09 18:00Nation

父に懲役18年求刑 「なぶり殺し」と非難―小4女児虐待死・千葉地裁


2020.03.09 18:00Nation

18 Years Sought for Father over Fatal Abuse of Chiba Girl

Public prosecutors sought a prison term of 18 years on Monday for a Japanese man for killing his 10-year-old daughter at their home in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, eastern Japan, in January last year as a result of brutal abuse.
   The man, Yuichiro Kurihara, 42, killed his daughter, Mia, "after severe abuse that can be called torture or torment to death," the prosecutors said during a hearing at Chiba District Court.
   Kurihara was indicted on charges including inflicting injuries resulting in death.
   Although the man has denied some of the charges, the prosecutors said that the defendant's claims are untrustworthy as they contradict video taken by him and testimony from his wife.
   "He ignored an SOS message from Mia twice and put priority on his own honor even though he had an opportunity to look back at his own mistakes," the prosecutors said.