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なお1万1000人超避難 能登地震、1日で発生2カ月―死者241人、安否不明7人


2024.03.01 00:26Nation

11,000 Noto Quake Evacuees Living at Shelters, 2 Months On

Around 11,400 people are still living at evacuation shelters in the central Japan prefecture of Ishikawa two months since a massive earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula on New Year's Day.
   As of Thursday, the 7.6-magnitude quake, which registered up to the maximum seismic intensity of 7 on the Japanese scale, had resulted in the deaths of 241 people, 15 of whom died due to indirect causes. Seven people were still missing.
   A total for 75,000 homes were damaged in the disaster.
   While water outages have been gradually resolved in Ishikawa, around 18,880 homes were still without running water, including 4,650 across the city of Suzu.
   Some 790 homes were still suffering power outages, mainly in Suzu and the city of Wajima.