2024.02.29 19:22Nation

装備移転の検討推進 日モンゴル防衛相


2024.02.29 19:22Nation

Japan, Mongolia to Mull Defense Transfer Framework

Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara and his Mongolian counterpart, Gursediin Saikhanbayar, on Thursday agreed that their countries will consider building a framework enabling the transfer of defense equipment and technology.
   At a meeting in Tokyo, the officials also agreed that Japan will strengthen its capacity-building support for the Mongolian military in areas such as U.N. peacekeeping operations, humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
   Kihara pointed to the strategic importance of Mongolia, which borders China and Russia.
   "We share universal values such as freedom and democracy," he said, calling for deepening bilateral relations.
   The two ministers signed a revised memorandum of defense cooperation and exchange between their countries. The original version was concluded in 2012.