2024.02.29 20:27Nation

マイナス金利解除、3月も視野 物価2%の持続に自信―日銀


2024.02.29 20:27Nation

BOJ May End Negative Interest Rate Policy in March

The Bank of Japan seems to be leaning toward the idea of scrapping its negative interest rate policy at the upcoming two-day policy-setting meeting from March 18.
   The central bank is growing increasingly confident that Japan can sustainably achieve its 2 pct inflation target through wage hikes and rising prices, with a view spreading that the ongoing "shunto" spring labor-management wage negotiations will produce bigger pay increases than the 2023 shunto talks.
   The BOJ is at a crossroads after over 10 years since it introduced the current massive monetary easing regime under then Governor Haruhiko Kuroda. The negative interest rate policy was added to the regime in 2016.
   "We are finally in a situation where the 2 pct inflation target is in sight," Hajime Takata, a member of the BOJ's Policy Board, said in a speech delivered Thursday in the western city of Otsu, stressing that the scene is nearly set to start monetary policy normalization.
   His remark ignited speculation among market players that the BOJ will revise its monetary policy soon, leading to yen buying and a rise in interest rates Thursday.