2024.02.29 10:41Nation

ロシア凍結資産活用で温度差 G7財務相会議、ウクライナ支援継続は確認


2024.02.29 10:41Nation

G-7 Split over Seizing Frozen Russian Assets to Aid Ukraine

The Group of Seven major powers were split over possibly confiscating Russian assets frozen under sanctions to aid Ukraine, at a meeting of their finance ministers and central bank chiefs on Wednesday.
   While the participants reaffirmed their commitment to continuing assistance to the east European country at the meeting in Sao Paulo, there were divisions over the legal basis of the U.S. proposal of seizing Russian assets.
   Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda and Masato Kanda, vice minister of finance for international affairs, attended the meeting from Japan.
   "Discussions are ongoing at the G-7 so I will refrain from talking about the details, but there is no conflict" over the plan to utilize frozen Russian assets, Kanda told reporters after the meeting.
   The United States has called for the confiscation of nearly 300 billion dollars in frozen Russian assets, while European countries have proposed utilizing interest from the assets instead.