2024.02.29 08:34Nation

アマゾン森林保護に4億円拠出 日本政府


2024.02.29 08:34Nation

Japan to Contribute 411 M. Yen to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Japan will contribute 411 million yen to the Amazon Fund, aimed at protecting the Amazon rainforest, mainly in Brazil, the Latin American country's Ministry of Environment said Wednesday.
   Japan will become the first Asian nation to contribute money to the fund.
   The Amazon Fund was established by the Brazilian government in 2008 to support the management of the Amazon forest and the restoration of logged areas.
   Since Brazilian President Lula da Silva took office in 2023 after pledging to protect forests during his election campaign, eight governments, including the Japanese government, have announced a total of 3.9 billion reals, or about 118 billion yen, in contributions to the fund, informed sources said.