2024.02.29 00:34Nation

人道的停戦求める 辻外務副大臣、イスラエル外相に


2024.02.29 00:34Nation

Japan Urges Israel to Agree Gaza Ceasefire

Japan on Wednesday urged Israel to swiftly agree a humanitarian ceasefire in the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip, the Foreign Ministry said.
   State Minister for Foreign Affairs Kiyoto Tsuji made the request at a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz in Jerusalem.
   Tsuji conveyed Japan's serious concern about the critical humanitarian situation in Gaza, where fighting is going on between the Israeli military and the Islamic organization Hamas.
   He reiterated Japan's consistent support for a two-state solution for peaceful coexistence of Israel and an independent Palestinian state.
   After the meeting, Tsuji met with families of hostages held by Hamas and said that Tokyo hopes to cooperate to realize their releases.