2024.02.28 19:18Nation

第三国輸出、3月へ結論先送り 防衛装備共同開発で自公


2024.02.28 19:18Nation

LDP, Komeito Remain Apart over Defense Equipment Exports

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, Komeito, failed on Wednesday to decide whether to allow Japan to export finished defense equipment jointly developed with other countries to third nations.
   At their second meeting on the issue, policy chiefs from the parties agreed to continue efforts to reach an agreement at the next meeting in March.
   The Japanese government has asked the ruling coalition to give the nod to the proposed exports by the end of this month, ahead of the start next month of full-fledged talks with Britain and Italy on the development of a next-generation fighter jet to replace the F-2 fighter of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force.
   After the meeting, also attended by senior government officials, LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Kisaburo Tokai and his Komeito counterpart, Yosuke Takagi, both told reporters that the gap between the two parties "has narrowed to a large degree."
   To win Komeito's consent, the government and the LDP are now considering proposing at the next meeting that third-country exports be limited to the fighter to be developed by the three countries, informed sources said.