2024.02.27 12:20Nation

重要情報に取り扱い資格 「適性評価」法案を閣議決定


2024.02.27 12:20Nation

Japan Cabinet OKs Security Clearance Bill

The Japanese government approved at a cabinet meeting Tuesday a bill to introduce a security clearance system to certify individuals who are allowed to handle important information on economic security.
   The bill designates, for example, information related to measures against cyberattack threats and supply chains for important materials as important economic security information. It carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to five years for those who leak such key information.
   The bill on the protection and use of important economic security information would complement the existing law on the protection of specially designated secrets, which provides a security clearance system for information in four areas that require higher confidentiality--defense, diplomacy, counterintelligence and counterterrorism--and imposes harsher punishments for offenders.
   While the designated secrets protection law, which took effect in 2014, mainly affects government employees, the new bill would also cover members of the private sector, such as those involved in research and development at companies.
   Whether to apply the existing law or the new law would be decided depending on the degree of importance of the information being handled.