2023.12.05 15:37Nation

米FTC、セブンを提訴 通告せず買収、制裁金113億円


2023.12.05 15:37Nation

U.S. FTC Sues 7-Eleven, Seven & i over Gas Station Acquisition

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday that it has sued U.S. convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc. and its parent company, Seven & i Holdings Co. of Japan, for allegedly failing to notify the commission beforehand of a gas station acquisition.
   The complaint was filed with a district court in Washington.
   Concluding that the acquisition violated a consent order, the FTC is seeking a maximum penalty of 77 million dollars.
   In 2017, Tokyo-based Seven & i announced a plan to acquire around 1,100 gas stations with attached convenience stores from Texas-based Sunoco, in hopes to further fortify its U.S. operations.
   The acquisition procedure was completed in 2018, after the Seven & i side accepted the FTC's conditions, including notifying the commission beforehand when it acquires stores in certain areas. The conditions were put in place out of concerns over a possible market domination resulting in higher retail prices of fuel.