2023.12.04 11:50Nation

逮捕・捜索「電子令状」導入へ タブレットで提示―刑事手続きIT化・法制審案


2023.12.04 11:50Nation

Japan to Introduce Electronic Arrest, Search Warrants

A Japanese government advisory panel on Monday proposed allowing arrest and search warrants to be issued online to speed up procedures.
   Currently, those warrants are issued by judges in a paper form, and police officers need to pick them up at courts.
   The change is part of proposals that a subcommittee of the Legislative Council put forward to digitalize procedures for criminal cases, including investigations and trials.
   The government plans to submit a bill to parliament early next year to implement those measures.
   Under the proposals, investigators will be allowed to send records such as reports and statements by suspects to courts online, and lawyers will be allowed to browse documentary evidence on the internet and print them out.