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NGO、日本に「化石賞」 石炭火力の方針批判―COP28


2023.12.04 00:58Nation

Japan Given Infamous Fossil Award

Climate Action Network, a coalition of nongovernmental organizations tackling environmental issues, granted Japan, the United States and New Zealand the Fossil of the Day awards during U.N. climate talks in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on Sunday.
   The award is given to countries which CAN believes are slow to act in the fight against climate change.
   Japan was picked after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the country will promote thermal power generation using a combustion technology in which ammonia is mixed with coal.
   "It's clear that this is nothing more than greenwashing of hydrogen and ammonia co-firing with fossil fuels, which would keep thermal power plants running far into the future," CAN said in a statement.
   Kishida's push to lock in fossil fuel-based energy across Asia is "delaying the transition from fossil fuels to renewables," CAN said.