2023.11.24 16:40Nation

外国人の転籍「就労1年で可」 新実習制度「最長2年」を削除―有識者会議


2023.11.24 16:40Nation

Japan Panel Backs Shorter Ban on Foreign Worker Transfers

A Japanese government panel proposed Friday that foreigners working under a planned system to replace the technical trainee program be allowed to change employers after one year in principle.
   The panel, chaired by Japan International Cooperation Agency President Akihiko Tanaka, decided not to adopt an earlier proposal that the minimum working period be set at up to two years from the start of employment, following opposition from panel members.
   The one-year principle is included in the draft final report on the planned conversion of the foreign technical intern trainee system into the new one, released the same day.
   The new system will focus mainly on securing labor, deeming foreigners as workers rather than trainees.
   The current system prohibits foreign trainees from changing employers for the first three years in principle.