2023.11.21 20:32Nation

救済法案、自公国VS立維 財産保全の合憲性で対立―旧統一教会


2023.11.21 20:32Nation

2 Camps Submit Bills to Preserve Unification Church Assets

Two opposing camps in Japan separately submitted bills to parliament on Tuesday to ensure relief to victims of the controversial religious group Unification Church.
   One of the two camps consists of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Innovation Party), another opposition party, and the other camp brings together the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, its coalition partner, Komeito, and the opposition Democratic Party for the People.
   The CDP-Nippon Ishin bill is aimed at allowing courts to issue asset preservation orders to the Unification Church before the group is given a dissolution order under the religious corporation law in order to ensure possible future compensation to victims of the group's malpractices.
   Hiroshige Seko, the LDP's secretary-general in the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of parliament, indicated that the CDP-Nippon Ishin bill may be unconstitutional. Any bill must be consistent with the property rights in the Constitution, he said at a press conference.
   Constitutional doubts cannot be wiped out over the CDP-Nippon Ishin bill, DPFP leader Yuichiro Tamaki said.