2023.11.21 06:31Nation

光るカタツムリ80年ぶり発見 世界2例目、タイで5種―中部大など


2023.11.21 06:31Nation

Bioluminescent Snails Found for 1st Time in 80 Years

A research team from Japan's Chubu University and Thailand's Chulalongkorn University has newly confirmed five bioluminescent snails in Thailand, the first discovery of glowing snails in 80 years.
   While over 30,000 snail species are known to exist around the world, the latest findings were only the second discovery of luminous snails on record. The first species was Quantula striata discovered in Singapore back in 1943.
   Of the five snail species, one, namely Quantula weinkauffiana, belongs to the genus Quantula, same as the Quantula striata, and emits a blinking green light near its mouth area.
   The other four, all part of the genus Phuphania, produce continuous greenish lights from the mantle and foot. Hibernating individuals and eggs were also found to glow.
   Yuichi Oba, professor at Chubu University, and other members of the team launched a full-scale study into glowing snails in forests in Thailand and other locations.