2023.11.17 18:42Nation

自民、皇室典範改正も視野 皇位継承懇談会が初会合


2023.11.17 18:42Nation

LDP to Mull Imperial House Law Revision for Stable Succession

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party will consider revising the Imperial House Law as part of measures to ensure stable Imperial succession and secure Imperial Family members, a senior member said Friday.
   "We must consider the need to revise laws including the Imperial House Law," LDP Vice President Taro Aso said as chairman of a party team to discuss the issue, which held its first meeting at the LDP's headquarters the same day.
   But the party is expected to face difficulties reaching a consensus on the matter.
   A government expert panel adopted a report in December 2021 that proposed ways to secure the number of Imperial Family members. The report was submitted by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the Diet, Japan's parliament, the following month.
   No progress has been made, however, in discussions on the Imperial succession issue within political parties including Kishida's LDP.