2020.01.27 18:46Nation

ロシア外交官から対価「数万円」 ソフトバンク元社員供述―機密漏えい事件・警視庁


2020.01.27 18:46Nation

Ex-Softbank Worker Gets Tens of Thousands of Yen from Russian Diplomat

A former Softbank Corp. employee, arrested on suspicion of illegally obtaining trade secrets of the major Japanese mobile phone carrier, received several tens of thousands of yen from a Russian diplomat, it was learned Monday.
   During questioning by the Public Security Bureau of Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department, the former employee, Yutaka Araki, 48, said that he was given the cash in return for providing confidential information to the diplomat stationed at the office of Russia's trade representative in Japan, according to investigative sources.
   As Araki said that the diplomat asked him for trade secrets, the bureau is considering sending papers on the Russian official to public prosecutors for allegedly instigating him in violation of the unfair competition prevention law, the sources said.
   The bureau arrested Araki on Saturday for allegedly obtaining confidential manuals related to Softbank's mobile phone base stations from a server of the firm on Feb. 18, 2019, in an attempt to gain illegal profits in breach of the law.
   According to the sources, Araki told the bureau that he accessed the server as the day on which he was set to meet with the diplomat was approaching.