2022.09.26 12:45Nation

円安、追加介入辞さず 「必要に応じて対応」―鈴木財務相


2022.09.26 12:45Nation

Japan Ready for Further Forex Intervention: Finance Chief

Japan is ready to intervene again in the foreign exchange market in the event of a rapid depreciation of the yen, Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki indicated Monday.
   "We're strongly concerned about speculative moves," Suzuki told a press conference. "There's been no change to our policy of taking action if necessary."
   On Thursday, the Japanese government and the Bank of Japan carried out the first yen-buying intervention in about 24 years, bringing down the dollar from around 145 yen to around 140 yen.
   On Monday, the dollar was rebounding to around 144 yen.