2022.09.26 10:24Nation

国内感染、週36.6万人 前週比17万人減―新型コロナ


2022.09.26 10:24Nation

Japan Logs 366,859 New COVID-19 Cases in Past Week

Japan confirmed 366,859 new cases of novel coronavirus infection in the past week, down by around 170,000 from the preceding week.
   With the new cases, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in the country, including those among cruise ship passengers and crew members, reached 21,078,777 as of 10 a.m. Monday (1 a.m. GMT).
   By prefecture, the cumulative number increased the most in Tokyo, by 41,807, followed by Osaka, with 29,631, Kanagawa, with 23,530, Aichi, with 23,301, and Saitama, with 20,987.
   The total number of fatal COVID-19 cases across the country climbed by 631 to 44,418, with the weekly increase decelerating by 481 from the prior week.