2022.09.24 13:33Nation

「和歌山ニット」、世界へ売り込め 職人の品を披露―NY


2022.09.24 13:33Nation

Knit Fabric Makers from Wakayama Seeking Global Attention

Eight knit fabric makers from the western Japan prefecture of Wakayama showcased their circular-knit products created with traditional techniques at a three-day event in New York through Friday.
   "We wanted people to touch knit fabrics made in Wakayama and feel the excellence of craftsmanship," an official from one of the makers said.
   People related to the event aim to promote knit products from Wakayama not only to the apparel industry but also to general consumers.
   Wakayama is Japan's biggest producer of knit products made with the circular-knitting method for creating three-dimensional fabrics. The local industry has a history of over 100 years.
   Sweatshirts using locally made knit fabrics, in particular, are highly regarded by luxury brands.