2022.01.21 20:04Nation

国債残高、31年度末1173兆円 借金頼みで膨張―財務省試算


2022.01.21 20:04Nation

JGB Balance to Reach 1,173 T. Yen at End of FY 2031: MOF

The outstanding balance of Japanese government bonds is expected to expand to 1,173 trillion yen at the end of fiscal 2031 from 1,021 trillion yen at the end of fiscal 2022, a Ministry of Finance estimate showed Friday.
   The estimate is based on a scenario of continuing nominal growth of 3 pct for the Japanese economy, which is viewed by many as optimistic.
   On Friday, the MOF submitted the estimate as a reference for budget deliberations at the Diet, the country's parliament.
   The government is facing a growing need for spending reform as it is expected to continue to rely on bonds to cover rising social security and other costs, against the backdrop of the country's aging population.
   The estimate does not factor in measures to curb social security and other expenditures. It also excludes reconstruction bonds issued after the March 2011 massive earthquake and tsunami.