2022.01.22 00:32Nation

米軍外出制限、1週間延長へ 基地内のコロナ感染者数増加で


2022.01.22 00:32Nation

Outing Restrictions for U.S. Military Personnel in Japan Extended

Restrictions on outings by people linked to the U.S. military in Japan have been extended by one week until the morning of Jan. 31, the Foreign Ministry said Friday.
   The U.S. side found it necessary to continue measures against novel coronavirus infections as the number of new cases at U.S. bases in Japan is increasing.
   On Jan. 9, the Japan-U.S. Joint Committee announced that the activities of U.S. military-related people outside U.S. military facilities and areas would be limited to essential activities. The outing restrictions then started on Jan. 10 for a 14-day run.
   The restrictions came after infection clusters emerged in U.S. Camp Hansen in Okinawa Prefecture, southernmost Japan, and Air Station Iwakuni in the western prefecture of Yamaguchi.
   Okinawa and Yamaguhi, as well as the western prefecture of Hiroshima, faced surges in coronavirus cases, preceding the ongoing sixth wave of infections across Japan.