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東京・浅草、にぎわい消える 「変異株で暗転」「収束いつ」―まん延防止適用初日

 浅草寺と雷門を結ぶ「仲見世通り」。人形焼き専門店「本家 梅林堂」従業員の渡辺寛務さん(70)は「昨年末から今月10日ごろまで、売り上げはコロナ前の7~8割まで回復したが、オミクロン株の影響で連休明けの11日から客足が減り、一気に暗転した」と明かす。

2022.01.21 13:32Nation

COVID-19 Pre-Emergency in Tokyo Deals Blow to Asakusa

The Asakusa district of Tokyo, a major tourist spot, is suffering from a plunge in visitors after novel coronavirus pre-emergency measures were introduced in the Japanese capital Friday following a surge in infections.
   The metropolis is renewing daily infection records almost every day, casting a pall over the future of the district, which was bustling with people during the year-end and New Year period.
   One of the areas in Asakusa hit hard by the coronavirus resurgence is Nakamise street, which links Sensoji temple with Kaminarimon gate, both popular attractions.
   "Sales recovered to around 70 pct to 80 pct of pre-coronavirus levels late last year to around Jan. 10," Hiromu Watanabe, 70, who works at the Honke Bairindo store, which sells "ningyo-yaki" cakes, said. "But customer numbers started to decrease on Jan. 11, the day after a three-day weekend, amid the spread of the omicron variant of the novel coronavirus, putting us in a tough position."
   "We were just beginning to have bright hopes," Watanabe added. "We don't think sales can fall any further, but that may happen if more people choose to stay home," he said of the pre-emergency designation, which was also applied to 12 other prefectures from Friday.