2022.01.21 20:21Nation

「若年層、受診せず自宅療養」 基礎疾患ない人ら想定―医療逼迫回避、専門家提言


2022.01.21 20:21Nation

Experts to Propose Skipping COVID-19 Tests on Young People

A group of experts who advise the Japanese government on COVID-19 response will soon propose skipping tests on young people if the omicron variant spreads further in the country, people familiar with the matter said Friday.
   Young people who may have been infected with the coronavirus should be diagnosed based solely on their clinical symptoms, without getting COVID-19 tests, according to the group's proposal.
   The experts' group drew up the proposal in a move to prevent Japan's medical system and COVID-19 testing capacity from being strained. The proposal was presented at a health ministry meeting on Thursday, the people said.
   The omicron variant has been found to be far more transmissible and at the same time cause less severe illness than the delta variant.
   Many young people without underlying conditions have developed only mild symptoms, if any, after being infected with the omicron variant, and they are recovering without being admitted to hospital.