2021.06.14 11:52Nation

危機管理公務員も対象に 国の大規模接種、空き多く―防衛省


2021.06.14 11:52Nation

Japan SDF, Police Staff to Be Eligible for Mass Vaccinations

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to vaccinate public servants for crisis management, including Self-Defense Forces and police personnel, at the COVID-19 mass inoculation site run by the SDF in Tokyo as early as Monday.
   The ministry decided on the move because many reservation slots for elderly people at the site are still available between Monday and June 27. Those becoming newly eligible also include Japan Coast Guard members and firefighters.
   The ministry will consider having SDF members and others receive COVID-19 vaccines at a similar mass vaccination site in the western city of Osaka on Thursday and later. Vaccination slots at the Osaka venue are full until Wednesday.
   The scope of people eligible for inoculations at the Tokyo and Osaka venues between Monday and June 27 has been expanded to those aged 65 or older across the country from those in the Japanese capital, Osaka and five neighboring prefectures.
   The ministry will consider making inoculations for people under 65 available at the venues based on the distribution situation for vaccine vouchers by municipalities.