2021.06.13 13:36Nation

ワクチン職域接種スタート 全日空、国際線乗務員優先で


2021.06.13 13:36Nation

ANA Starts Workplace Coronavirus Vaccinations

All Nippon Airways began vaccinating international flight pilots and cabin attendants against the novel coronavirus on Sunday, marking the start of workplace vaccinations in Japan.
   Vaccinations at workplaces and universities will get into full swing on June 21, following the ongoing program to inoculate elderly people, as Japan, which lags behind the United States and Europe in vaccinations, tries to make up the delays.
   ANA started COVID-19 vaccinations at a conference room near its clinic at Tokyo International Airport at Haneda.
   The airline, a subsidiary of ANA Holdings Inc. , will inoculate about 10,000 workers on international flights on a priority basis. It will then expand the scope of the program to ground staff involved in international flights.
   ANA plans to open more vaccination venues.