2021.05.06 17:35Nation

GW旅客、過去2番目の少なさ 昨年からは大幅増―JR・航空各社


2021.05.06 17:35Nation

JR Train Passengers Second Fewest during Golden Week

The number of passengers on Shinkansen and other Japan Railways Group express trains during this year's Golden Week holiday period was second lowest on record, data showed Thursday.
   The six JR Group passenger service companies said the combined number of express train passengers between April 28 and Wednesday came to 2.96 million, up 5.7-fold from the level during the same holiday period of 2020, which was the lowest since statistics began in 1990.
   Passenger traffic has remained low due to the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus. The latest passenger figure was down 74 pct compared with the Golden Week period of 2019, before the outbreak of the virus.
   Of the six JR companies, West Japan Railway Co. , or JR West, which operates the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train line, saw the biggest year-on-year drop of 78 pct this year.
   A fresh state of emergency over the coronavirus "may have increased the tendency to refrain from going out," a JR West official said. The state of emergency has been in place since April 25, covering Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures, which are all in JR West's service area, and Tokyo, included in the service area of East Japan Railway Co. , or JR East.