2021.04.21 20:44Nation

京都・兵庫、緊急事態要請 人の流れ抑制、関西圏一体で


2021.04.21 20:44Nation

Kyoto to Ask Japan Govt for COVID-19 State of Emergency

Kyoto Prefecture plans to ask the Japanese government to declare a fresh state of emergency for the western prefecture over the COVID-19 pandemic, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
   The move comes as the Japanese government plans to declare a state of emergency for Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, near Kyoto. Hyogo said Wednesday it will ask for an emergency declaration.
   Kyoto finds it necessary to join Osaka and Hyogo in efforts to curb people's movement in the fight against COVID-19 as the three prefectures fall within the same living area, the sources said.
   On Tuesday, Kyoto saw its number of new COVID-19 cases nearly double to 120 from a week before. The seven-day average stood at 101.43 as of Monday.
   Previously, Kyoto Governor Takatoshi Nishiwaki had said he would first examine the effectiveness of COVID-19 containment measures taken since the prefecture was placed in the pre-emergency stage on April 12, a week later than Osaka and Hyogo.