2019.11.08 17:15Nation

羽田空港ビルの断水解消 トラブルから3日目


2019.11.08 17:15Nation

Water Supplies Fully Restored at Tokyo's Haneda Airport

Water supplies have been fully restored after days of break at terminal buildings of Tokyo International Airport at Haneda, the terminals' operator said Friday.
   Japan Airport Terminal Co. suspended the water supply to the terminal 1 and 2 buildings, both used for domestic flights, Wednesday morning after salt was detected in water used to wash aircraft.
   The cut left restaurants closed and tap water unavailable at restrooms.
   The supply to the terminal 1 building was restored within Wednesday.
   But the resumption of the supply to the terminal 2 building was delayed until Friday afternoon as it took more time for Japan Airport Terminal to confirm water quality there, company officials said.