2020.10.01 19:03Nation

菅首相、推薦者6人任命せず 現行制度で初―学術会議会員


2020.10.01 19:03Nation

Suga Rejects Appointments of 6 to Science Council

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has rejected the appointments of six nominees as new members of the Science Council of Japan, a representative organization of the country's scientist community.
   Japanese Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii pointed out the unprecedented move in a press conference on Thursday. The rejection was first reported by the JCP's newspaper, Akahata.
   It is the first time since the current nomination system was introduced in 2004 that the council's nominees to join the body were rejected.
   A law on the SCJ stipulates that the council nominate new members, who are appointed by the prime minister.
   "The rejection of the nominations are against the SCJ law, and is unconstitutional as it violates academic freedom guaranteed under Article 23 of the Constitution," Shii said, demanding the prime minister revoke the decision.