2020.03.09 22:00Nation

東京、神奈川で患者死亡 神戸の区役所職員ら感染―新型コロナ


2020.03.09 22:00Nation

2 More Coronavirus Deaths Confirmed in Japan

Two fatal cases linked to the new coronavirus have been confirmed in Japan, bringing the total death toll from the COVID-19 virus in the nation, including cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, to 16.
   On Monday, the Tokyo metropolitan government said that a man in his 90s infected with the virus has died.
   The man, who had a chronic heart disease, exhibited the symptom of coughing on Feb. 26. He was hospitalized on March 2 and tested positive for the virus on Friday.
   The prefectural government of Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, said that a COVID-19 patient died on Sunday. It did not disclose the patient's age or sex due to strong requests from relatives of the person.
   The municipal government of Kobe, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, said a woman in her 40s in the city carries the virus. The woman, who provides general information services at the office of Hyogo Ward in the city as a dispatched worker, went to a concert held at a live music club in Kita Ward in the nearby city of Osaka on Feb. 18.