2024.06.13 12:09Nation



2024.06.13 12:09Nation

Japan Govt Spokesman Mum on Reported Contact with N. Korea

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi on Thursday avoided commenting on a media report that Japan secretly came in contact with North Korea in Mongolia last month.
   "While Japan has been making various approaches to North Korea through various channels, I'll refrain from answering (a question about the report) due to the nature of the matter," Hayashi, Japan's top government spokesman, told a press conference.
   Hayashi added that "there is no change" in Tokyo's policy to pursue high-level talks under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's direct command to realize a Japan-North Korea summit meeting.
   The JoongAng Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, published the report on Thursday that quoted informed sources as saying that the secret Japan-North Korea contact took place near the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator in mid-May. The report suggests that North Korea may be working to move its relations with Japan forward even though the country said in March that it would reject any contact with Japan.