2024.04.10 17:09Nation

米大統領に輪島塗贈呈 岸田首相、孫にマリオグッズも


2024.04.10 17:09Nation

Kishida Presents Noto's "Wajima-Nuri" Lacquerware to Biden

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida presented "Wajima-nuri" lacquerware from the earthquake-hit Noto region in the central Japan prefecture of Ishikawa to U.S. President Joe Biden in gift exchange at the White House on Tuesday.
   Kishida told the president that the gifts--a pair of wooden coffee cups and a wooden ballpoint pen--were "specially made for this occasion through more than 100 manufacturing processes" by a young craftsman who was afflicted by the 7.6-magnitude Noto Peninsula earthquake on New Year's Day.
   The prime mister also presented coffee beans from Okinawa Prefecture to Biden, and goods featuring Super Mario characters from Nintendo Co. to the president's 3-year-old grandson.
   For his part, Biden gave Kishida a black walnut tripod table handcrafted at a Japanese-American's workshop in Pennsylvania, Biden's home state, as well as an album signed by U.S. singer Billy Joel and a woodblock print.
   The Japanese and U.S. first ladies also exchanged gifts.