2024.04.03 18:15Nation

川勝静岡知事、職員訓示「傷つけた」と謝罪 「リニアに区切り」とも


2024.04.03 18:15Nation

Shizuoka Governor Apologizes for Gaffe

Shizuoka Governor Heita Kawakatsu on Wednesday apologized for his latest gaffe, viewed as insulting to people in certain professions.
   In a speech to newly hired prefectural officials Monday, Kawakatsu said, "Unlike (those who) sell vegetables, raise cattle and make things, you are basically highly intellectual people."
   At a press conference Wednesday, the governor said, "I hurt people's feelings with my inadequate wording."
   "The primary industry is the sector I've valued the most, and I'm sorry if I hurt (people's) feelings," he also said. He did not, however, retract the remark in question.
   Kawakatsu cited the gaffe and a delay in the schedule to open the Chuo Shinkansen magnetic levitation line as reasons for offering his resignation on Tuesday.