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鈴木健二さん死去、95歳 元NHKアナ「クイズ面白ゼミナール」


2024.04.03 18:44Nation

Ex-NHK Announcer Kenji Suzuki Dies at 95

Kenji Suzuki, a former announcer at Japan Broadcasting Corp., or NHK, who is known for his 1982 book about the significance of consideration of others, died of old age at a hospital in the city of Fukuoka on March 29. He was 95.
   Born in Tokyo and a graduate of Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Suzuki joined NHK in 1952. He became popular for his wide knowledge and moderating skill in entertainment and factual television shows on the public broadcaster.
   His 1982 book, "Kikubari no Susume," became a national bestseller.
   After retiring from NHK, Suzuki served as director of Kumamoto Prefectural Theater and chief of Aomori Prefectural Library's Museum of Modern Literature.
   The late film director Seijun Suzuki is his older brother.